We're looking for the most obsessed Meal Preppers in the world.
In this multifaceted role, you'll be guiding our clients through all phases of their fitness goals.

You'll be part of our in-store team and work closely with our sales manager, nutritionist and kitchen staff.

You'll be responsible for identifying each client's motivation points, explaining how our nutrition program works, and helping them identify the most appropriate way to incorporate HercuLean meals into their fitness regimen. Helping clients write out a plan and stay committed to it will be your main goal.

Your ability to communicate effectively with many different types of people is outstanding. You are very smart. You have an intuitive understanding of what is and isn't realistic for each client to commit to. You have a proven ability to work within a sales team to achieve goals and are always ahead of the curve with the newest forms of social media.

You're also passionate about fitness and the culinary arts. Your friends tease you for your obsession with Meal Prepping. You use MyFitnessPal religiously, you're subscribed to the best Meal Prep Pinterest boards and workout blogs, and follow all the most inspirational fitness icons on Instagram.
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